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Antiques roof tiles

Your search of antiques roof tiles will be very easy because at L’Atelier de Saint Cannat you will find the ones you need.

Antique roof tiles are part of the Provençale house style for ages.

These are terracotta round roof tiles. The leg was giving the tile is form, and was then cooked in wood ovens to get this particular color. This roof tiles are scraped from demolitions of old typical Provençal houses.


Antiques roof tiles have been an integral feature of the Provence landscape for many centuries.

 They are used with the new constructions techniques, and give the old Provençal look. Some of them can be arranged on “Lambourdes small wood beams (kess, quartons…) or cement plates.

These antique roof  tiles are perfect for your house roof, your garden shelter or terrace…and will provide you with this old Provençale style

You will find in our stock of sell old roof tiles many sizes and colours, you will find yours.

All our old roofing tiles are recuperated and packaged by us. Old roof tiles are suitable for modern fixing methods while retaining the genuine charm of the farmhouses of the past.

If you are interested in buy antiques roof tiles, come to visit or contact us, our team is at your disposal to give you all the information you could need.

You can contact us directly by the contact form of the website, you can indicate in object “search old / antiques roof tiles”


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